Chuck Carroll Hearts Trees

Welcome! My name is Chuck and this is my personal website which serves as a primary hub for my online identity and communication. I'm a wireless professional, jiu-jitsu enthusiast, and computer nerd.

At present I'm located in Austin, TX, United States. What am I doing now? See my "Now" page. Want to say hi? I love emails! You can drop me a line at

I have a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and have been training on and off since 2016. I've competed in several tournaments.

One of my hobbies is thinking about and geeking out on technology. I enjoy tinkering with computers (and really any device that runs an operating system) as well as this website which was built by hand soley with HTML and CSS. I am not a programmer/developer.

Sometimes I write things on my blog which functions more as a mnemonic device, scratchpad, or personal wiki. It's mostly about technology, hackery, privacy, and digital minimalism, but occasionally dives into more quasi-philosophical topics. You can follow it via RSS.
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