Chuck Carroll

Some Useful Bash Aliases

Published: 2022-08-06

I spend a good chunk of time in a terminal and sometimes need to run a long command to get specific tasks done. I've known about aliases for a while but only recently began using them. Below are some aliases I've set up permanently in my .bashrc config. Aliases must be set up in the format of 'alias [name]='[command]' and saved into .bashrc in the home folder. For example, alias music='cmus' will launch cmus whenever I enter 'music' into my terminal.

Here is a list of aliases I've set up that range from fun to boring, but are all useful nonetheless. Entering the alias in a terminal will automatically run the corresponding command.

I also have another alias which will SSH into my shared hosting, shortening ~70 characters down to just sshchuck.

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