Chuck Carroll

I Don't Care About Traffic or Analytics

Published: 2024-06-30

I am not a business. I'm not selling a product or any kind of service. I also don't necessarily care if I get a lot of traffic. If this site gets just a few visitors per month that's not a robot, I'd be happy. Hell, even if I got a single visit from an actual human that got some sort of value from something I wrote, that would fill me with joy. But because I don't necessarily want to be talking into the void, I have submitted my URL to various places like Derek Sivers',,, and a few other places. Standard search engines have been picking it up as well because of obscure things I've shared like "How to root the Onyx Boox Poke 3".

I also don't run analytics. Aside from the fact that I personally find tracking to be invasive and obnoxious, I don't see the point in collecting analytics on a noncommercial website. "Learning about your audience" is absurd on a personal site. This site is lightweight and just uses HTML and CSS - it works well on every browser I've tested it on, both desktop and mobile.

I don't do advertisements or ask for donations either. Advertisements are gross to have on a personal website. Donations are absolutely not needed because I pay for the domain and hosting from the income I get from my day job.

Do you run a commercial website? Well then maybe SEO, high traffic, and analytics are important. If, however, you have a personal website, maybe rethink exactly what the purpose of SEO, traffic, and analytics is. In my view, it adds unnecessary complexity to your site.

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