Converting multiple FLAC files to OGG

Published: August 1st, 2021
Updated: July 19th, 2022 - Removed unnecessary screenshots

A few days ago I wrote out how I split a single FLAC file that contains several tracks, into multiple individual FLAC flies. FLAC is a high quality lossless audio format, but they're also pretty large in size. Personally, I like to convert my FLAC audio files to OGG format which can be considered the open format alternative to MP3s. These are essentially the music files I use for playback on devices with limited storage such as my smartphone.

I used to use Gnome's Sound Converter program for this task, and although I think it's great, I felt like it was a bit overkill to have GUI program do this simple task when it could be done in the terminal with a single command.

find . -name "*flac" -exec oggenc -q 9 {} \;

With this command, I'm basically saying to find any file with "flac" in the name and to convert it to OGG with a quality of "9". I've found that "9" put's it in line with an MP3 file at bitrate of 320kbps. Note that the package vorbis-tools must be installed.

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