Chuck Carroll

The Modern Internet is Bloated

Published: 2021-03-27
Last Updated: 2022-07-19

My web development skills are rather limited. I know how to use WordPress, I know some basic HTML, and I can tweak CSS via trial and error. I am not a web developer by any means. I do, however, have some pretty strong opinions of what the web should look like. For example, I should be able to access your website on a low-spec machine and a low-bandwidth rural internet connection. Also if your site has a blog feed, it's essential that it works with an RSS reader because I as a user should not have to constantly visit a website to see new content. My website lacks a lot of the bells and whistles that a lot of modern websites (personal or otherwise) have. The majority of my site is text based and I use zero tracking and very little images. This is done very much intentionally. Hell, if my knowledge were just a little bit better, I wouldn't use WordPress at all and I'd stick with a pure HTML website. Update: I've now transitioned this site to a static HTML/CSS web page.

The modern is web bloated and designed for middle class people on suburban internet connections. Many modern websites are filled tracking, advertisements, and other crap with very little actual content. In fact, the actual content makes up only a small portion in the overall size of the website. This sentiment isn't new and it's been continually circulated in several niche online circles. My view is this: Much like life, your website really doesn't need much for something to be fully functional and enjoyable to use.

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