Chuck Carroll

How to Get the RSS Feed For Any YouTube Channel

Published: 2024-05-12

I don't watch a lot of YouTube these days, but there's a few channels that share informative videos, and I prefer to receive all of my subscriptions in a single feed. Back in the day, the RSS subscribe button was prominently displayed on every YouTube account. But that meant users could access YouTube content without visiting the website which negatively effects YouTube's bottom line, so it was removed. I decided to share this because doing a quick search yielded terrible results (you should NOT be signing up for some service in order to get a YouTube account's RSS feed!).

The easiest way to get an RSS feed for a YouTube channel is visiting the channel page, for example Right click on an empty part of the page and select "View Page Source" in the context menu, which will then open the page source in a new tab. Hit CTRL+F to pull up a search and type "channel_id=". This URL is the RSS feed for the YouTube channel (in this case, the RSS feed URL is Copy+Paste this link into your preferred RSS reader and rejoice.

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