Chuck Carroll

Merging My Websites

Published: 2021-01-13

I recently decided to consolidate my two websites. My site has leaned more toward a professional resume-type of site in the past, but I recently decided to make the shift for it be of a more per personal "about me" site while still emphasizing some professional experience. My site is solely a personal blog where I write about technology, open source software, and sometimes get philosophical.

As of today, I've officially moved my blog over to the .co domain (which is this domain I'm writing this from) and merged my professional, academic, and volunteer experiences onto a single page. The .xyz will start forwarding .co domain in the near future.

Due to my own vanity, I also own which redirects to Managing a TLD like .is is more complicated to work with since it's managed by the Icelandic government. At some point I'd like to start having URLs like or These kind of URLs just look neat to me.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to send comments, questions, or recommendations to